A Toast to Mother Earth

The Altars founder Sabrina Dee on fostering cosmic connections and a deeper relationship with ourselves and our planet. In conversation with Jamie Rosen.

“I want to turn people on to things that have helped me manage my headspace.”

In the wellness world, there is no shortage of healers and practitioners that offer powerful guidance on how to embark upon individual journeys of healing, balance, and energetic harmony. But for the Altars founder Sabrina Dee, it is the daily, personal habits she has cultivated and sustained for over a decade that launched a brand. 

“I want to turn people on to things that have helped me manage my headspace,” she says. “I have all these tools in my arsenal, practical ways that merge science and spiritual practice.” 

To develop a line that could help others set their own intentions, Dee, who also oversees the creative direction at The Conservatory, draws on a trifecta of influence: Mother Earth, Neuroscience and Father Sky. The Altars uses sustainable and organic materials; research on topics like gratitude, journaling, and meditation; and wisdom from the lunar cycles to create each item. The goal is to offer easy-to-follow guidance that is neither too whimsical nor too clinical but instead is something you will return to in order to fortify yourself for daily living.

Both Moon Charged Matches and Conscious Candles come in two versions: black for releasing what is no longer serving you, and white for calling in that which you wish to cultivate. Dee uses both in candle meditations, with matches she charges during a lunar ceremony. “The moon has been guiding farmers and mothers since the beginning of time,” she says. “Self care by the lunar cycle is not something new.” 

For Dee, daily writing and energy-setting intention work come in the form of statements and visualizations, often with sentences that begin with “I Am” or “I Will.” Her Journaling Leaflets and Oils support both. The former, a packet of weighted sheaths of biodegradable FSC Certified paper, are meant to be written on and then burned. And the latter come in personal rollerballs and pump bottles for body and massage, with names that double as powerful statements like “I Am Creative,” “I Am Fearless,” and “I Am Relaxed.” Each formula corresponds with correlating scented essential oils, from introspective white sage and myrrh for “I Am Tuned In” to grounding frankincense and rose for “I Am Balanced.” Ultimately, Dee wants “people to feel like it’s going to be okay,” making them realize that they are active participants in their own care. 

When practiced with repetition, these rituals have the power to build new neural pathways, and new ways of seeing ourselves. “It’s not just a nice thing to do,” Dee says. “If we can give ourselves what we need to be resilient, we can make some change.”

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