Act Natural

The wellness rules Susanne Kaufmann swears by, including why less email equals luxury.

It is one thing to say you are environmentally-minded as an individual and a brand, and another to live by a waste-less ethos. Susanne Kaufmann, the founder of the Austrian Alpine wellness line born out of a family-run spa, is firmly in the latter category. 

“The times are over when we create new materials,” says Kaufmann, who recently updated packaging with recycled glass bottles printed with sustainable ink, thus eliminating the need for paper labels, and thick recycled cardboard boxes that lend an industrial chic feel, both sourced from nearby Germany. “When we say we are conscious and responsible, it’s about ingredients as local as possible, made using 100 percent solar-powered production.” The local nature of her products and production has even grown the population of her hometown, Bezau, from 1600 to 2000 people, many of whom are employed by her with flexible part-time jobs, particularly for women. 

Her philosophy to be as efficient, natural and sustainable as possible extends to company culture as well. She shares that she receives one digital communication per day from her team. “Each email is a carbon footprint,” she points out. Her view of luxury, she adds, is driven by her values. “How can I say it’s about well-being if I ask people to work 80 hours a week and call them at night?” In continuing to push for sustainability, she acknowledges that it’s an evolving process.”I see the world through different eyes than I did when we started 18 years ago,” she says. “It’s a much bigger picture.” 

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