Aquarius Moon

Electric Insight

Find comfort in change during the first New Moon of the year.

The Aquarius New Moon arrives on Friday, January 24, inviting us to step into our future selves. Aquarius brings electric flashes of insight, especially with Uranus in the mix, heightening the Moon’s powers. We continue to shed the old as we embrace these fresh, new energies.

As always, New Moons helps us recharge and begin again. What projects or relationships do we want to initiate now?

Change is not comfortable. If we’re feeling anxious, we can remember to slow down, take care of ourselves, and root into our bodies. We can pause to ground and give ourselves what we need.

Relationship issues are up, with Venus and Mars forming a harsh angle. We’re working to resolve the tensions between our feminine and masculine selves—our compassion and our assertion. We’re breaking out of old traumas so we can find more enlightened ways of orienting to love and intimacy.

It’s time to rally our courage and face the beautiful unknown—in our hearts, relationships, and the world at large!

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