Bryan Rafanelli

Curriculum Vitae Q&A with the Legendary Event Designer

Astrological Sign?
BR: Cancer with Leo Rising. 7/22 – Living on the cusp.
Lucky Number? 
BR: 22, honestly shows up everywhere I go. 

Favorite Color?
BR: Blue – thanks mom! 5 siblings … one blue eyed! Me! 
Morning, noon or night? 
BR: ALL of the above – “Sleep is for the dead.” I have plans to live till I am 110 but time is moving fast. 
Black, white or color?  
BR: Color with a black or white. Gray also – works best with the silver hair and those blue eyes.

Favorite Room in your home?
BR: Steeple Room. I live in a stone church built in 1868, and I love hanging in the steeple listening to German Bell Ringers. 

Sunday Ritual 
BR: Sunday in the park with George … Clooney (alone = no dog people.) George is my 10 month old golden retriever named… George Clooney. Next dog will be named Amal. 
Talent you would like to have?
BR: Time travel. Dying to know how this current s*!t show all ends.