Can You Imagine A New Normal?

The Curriculum Vol. XVIII

Welcome to Fall 2023. The surreal becomes real.

The new normal is is anything but. It all feels familiar. Yet not.

Fashion is back. But also pared back. Yet over the top. But not overly so.

Fashion writer Tim Blanks calls it “the sobriety of opulence”. Clear as mud, huh? Like “stealth wealth” and “quiet luxury”. 

What does it all mean? Pretty much that anything goes. 

When we approached this quite confusing season, I knew that it had to have one clear thread…an emotional pull. Does “it” make you feel something?

Can you imagine a wardrobe that works, yet inspires you to get a little more dressed up?

Can you imagine a contrast of more and less that ends up feeling just right?

Can you imagine your home feeling new again, yet the way it was supposed to be?

Can you imagine getting excited about the absolutely unpredictable weather…because you are ready for anything. 

Because we need to expect the unexpected.

Can you imagine this is the new normal?

I can.

With Gratitude,

Brian Bolke

Brian Bolke, Founder

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