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Celebrating Female Founders

This March we celebrate and join our female led brand partners in the movement to support Fashion Makes Change.

All my life, I have preferred the company of women to men. While this may seem obvious, and possibly stereotypical, it wasn’t because of wanting to play with Barbies. It was because I have always found women to be caring, loyal, trustworthy… the real deal.

Without a doubt, I grew up with a mother that was also my confidant, best friend, and partner in crime. She taught me how to laugh, to cry, and to care. Throughout my life, I simply have learned to adore women. Their humor, their spark, their smarts, and they are just plain fun.

When concepting The Conservatory it was important that it became a home for women creatives to have a voice and a place to shine. I am proud that the large majority of the brands we present are created by women. I consider myself lucky to be in their company.

This includes a team that I work with and support me every day that is almost all women. A diverse group of talent that tirelessly work to create something we can all be proud of.

This month, we celebrate women founders, and I’m proud this extraordinary group of women and the brands they created let us into their worlds.

With gratitude,
Brian Bolke

Throughout the month of March, we’re donating a portion of proceeds to Fashion Makes Change; empowering the women who make our clothes. Recognizing we all have a role to play, Fashion Makes Change aligns industry, non-profits, investors and customers in the transition to a sustainable world. Click here to make your own donation to empower, educate, and accelerate women in the fashion industry.