Close Encounters

Wash it all away. Our Cleanser Edit contains the face gels, balms, and oils to best fit your routine.

La Bouche Rouge Serum Lip Care Set

A scrub and serum to offset windy sojourns and winter dryness. 

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Bastide Deep Repair Hand Cream

A slim tube of Provencal shea butter for hands, cuticles, elbows and anywhere that needs a little extra love.

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Manasi 7 Bronzelighter in Roseate

A golden rose that goes pretty much anywhere you need a little color: eyes, cheeks, lips, or all of the above.

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Lumira No. 352 Leather & Cedar Perfume Oil

This tiny roll-on contains a distinctive and resinous scent that shifts the mood to a richer place in seconds.

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Byredo Bal d’Afrique Hair Perfume

A travel fantasy for your hair, with an ultra-fine marigold and cedarwood mist at your disposal. 

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