Color Theory

The Curriculum Vol. XVI

Contrary to popular belief, I love color.

Color is emotional. It communicates. It is the antidote for sameness.

Do I love a calm, neutral interior? Yes.

Do I love a uniform of mostly black? Don’t we all?

But without color, there is no context.

Welcome to our Spring Curriculum…Color Theory. A study of how color truly is the lens to all we do.

Color is one of the most powerful tools for visual communication. It can influence our emotions, our mood, and our behavior.

It is how artists express themselves, sometimes purely through the way color is put together, from Rothko to Albers, from Monet to Pollack, Agnes Martin to Andy Warhol. Color, and how color is used, is what defines them.

Whether literal or suggestive, minimal or maximal, bright or so soft it whispers, color is the punctuation mark to everything it touches.

It speaks volumes without words.

With Gratitude,

Brian Bolke

Brian Bolke, Founder

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