Curriculum Vol. V: Come Together

Reflect. Repair. Restore.

Let’s break it down…
2020 has been a year like no other.
As the holidays approach, what makes sense?

Can there be joy?

There has been so much sadness, so much division. Nothing feels normal.
But what if we celebrate moving forward by honoring the breakage? Honoring the ability to heal in new ways, with a new cycle.

The Japanese philosophy of Kintsugi shaped our holiday message this year: Come Together. Reflect. Repair. Restore.

Kintsugi – also known as “Golden Repair” – as a philosophy treats breakage and repair as a part of the history of the object, rather than something to disguise.

We are choosing to celebrate the new meaning togetherness has taken on with the awareness distance has given us. A new focus on sustaining our planet. A new appreciation for the little things we took for granted.

We are choosing to bring joy to ourselves and others with items of beauty that are also useful, and enhance our live, and protect our planet.

And we are choosing to move forward, without erasing the past but learning from it.

Have a happy, safe and loving holiday.

With gratitude,
Brian Bolke