Curriculum Vol. VI: (Re)Considered

Rethink. Revive. Renew.

First, let’s remember that 2021 is the actual beginning of the new decade. 2020 taught us that nothing is what it seems. Or can be taken for granted.

As we continue to work through challenging times towards a better future, this is the time to chart a new path. What matters now? We have learned to value health – of ourselves and our planet – more than mindlessly consuming.

As we venture out, we need to create our wardrobe with intention…pieces that last and work hard. Let’s be conscious of what we put on our bodies. Decorate our homes mindfully – with items that bring joy and are crafted with care. When giving gifts, it is always the thought that counts. Give with meaning and purpose.

This is the time to learn from the past, including our mistakes, and look forward with a new purpose and perspective. It will all be okay.

With gratitude,
Brian Bolke