Life Lines

The Curriculum Vol. XIV

As we begin a new year, it is always the time I reflect on what matters. I have a natural inclination to simplify…my closet, my office, redo the bookshelves—the list is endless.

I am always so interested in what makes the cut…year in and year out. The things that I choose to replace over and over…or miraculously get better with age.

I love when simply rediscovering something makes it feel new. In such a noisy world, we forget that it doesn’t have to scream “look at me” to be of value.

The Conservatory was founded on a simple premise: discovering items that bring joy…for more than a season. Your “forever favorites”.

Our Winter Curriculum…Life Lines…celebrates our favorite finds, old and new, that we think will become part of the fabric of your life. The perfect bag that is your trusty travel companion, the shoe that goes with everything (and you can actually walk in), the new signature scent (that actually reminds you of a favorite past signature scent), the go-to housewarming gift, or the perfect throw that makes your sofa feel just right.

Sometimes what you have been looking for was right in front of you.

With Gratitude,

Brian Bolke

Brian Bolke, Founder

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