After a holiday season that felt perhaps overly decadent, and a January that likely felt like a hibernation…hiding from the damp and cold…what’s next?

In an increasingly heavy world, I am looking to lighten up.

It’s not exactly minimalism. I consider it ‘essentialism’…taking a turn towards what feels both necessary and desirable. A tonic for complicated times.

I always use this time to start evolving my closet with an eye towards spring. Perhaps it is partly wishful thinking, but it’s time to let go of so much black, adding layers of white, shades of cream, and pops of color. Embrace cleaner, lighter scents. Get inspired by new ways to put things together in your home. Take more away and add just a little.

It’s time to see the light….

With Gratitude,

Brian Bolke

Brian Bolke, Founder

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