Make Room for Royal Fern

What makes this skin and hair care line named for a well-traveled and regal plant worthy of space on your shelf. By Jamie Rosen.

All the bells and whistles of a super-luxe line with a fresh green scent and a modern approach to formulation.

In Russia, dried fern leaves have been used in traditional medicine for ages. In Korea, monks steep fern to make tea sipped for detoxification. And in Latin and South America, fern is used by plant medicine doctors as an anti-inflammatory agent. But it was a study from Sloan Kettering that convinced Munich-based, in-demand dermatologist Timm Golueke to delve into what fern could do for the skin.

“Fern extract was given to cancer patients and it was proven to protect cell DNA impacted by UV rays,” he explains. Drawing on that research and the hands-on knowledge acquired at his chic clinic on Maximilianstrasse, he developed the patented Royal Fern Complex that includes fern as well as sea buckthorn, wild rose, mineral oxides, and voacanga seeds. The result is a synergistic collection of ingredients that work as antioxidants but also stimulate cell growth and work to combat inflammation and regulate moisture.

We love Royal Fern because it has all the bells and whistles of a super-luxe line (rich textures, developed by a dermatologist, and reams of clinical data to back up its claims) with a fresh green scent and a modern approach to formulation (no mineral oils, parabens, or unnecessary filler ingredients). The Phytoactive Skin Perfecting Essence is an award-winner several times over, and a particular favorite at the store. The Phytoactive Ampoules (one set for Illuminating, the other for Anti-Oxidative) are travel-friendly and super potent. And the Phytoactive Cream is packed with an alphabet’s worth of vitamins, including a highly concentrated C from acerola cherry to stimulate collagen. Golueke, who also practices as the consulting dermatologist for the Lanserhof clinic in Germany, Austria, and London, and travels extensively, has a global perspective on aging that has served Royal Fern well. It’s not about micromanaging each line, but feeding the skin with all the nutrition it needs and then some.

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