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Marina Raphael

Curriculum Vitae Q&A with Marina Raphael.

Astrological sign?
I am a headstrong Taurus!

Lucky number?
Number 5

Favorite color?
I can’t choose just one! But I have noticed that I instantly gravitate towards purple and blue.

Morning, noon, or night?
I am very much a morning person. I actually can’t sleep past 7am, it’s like I have an innate alarm!

Uptown, midtown, or downtown?
There is something to see in all of them, so I could not possibly choose one.

Oscars, Tonys, or Grammys?

Met, MoMA, or movies?

Football, baseball, or basketball?
European Football A.K.A Soccer

Green tea, black tea, or herbal tea?
Herbal Tea

Sugar, Splenda, or Stevia?
Honey! Greece has amazing honey!

Red, white, or rosé?
Definitely a glass of rosé.

Spicy, salty, or sweet?

Sandwich, soup, or salad?
I love fresh fruit and vegetables all-year round, so I would have to say that salads are a must for me!

For your wardrobe, black, white or color?
Definitely color!

Is your closet messy or neat?
Neat! I love taking the time to organize my closet too, so that it’s easier for me to experiment with different outfits.

What is your favorite room?
The living room.

What do you collect?
Birthday cards I receive from friends and family.

Who is your dream dinner guest?
Because my family lives all over the world and they all of course have a busy schedule, it’s really impossible to get a hold of everyone at the same time. It would really be amazing if I could have one dinner with everyone.

Do you have a Sunday ritual?
My Sunday ritual starts with a morning hike with my dogs, and is followed by a nice brunch with my parents. Because we all have busy schedules with work, we try to always spend the whole Sunday together, just relaxing and talking.

Favorite flower?
My favorites are roses and orchids! In an alternate universe I truly believe that I would have become a florist because I absolutely love all plants. They exude this irreplaceable warmth and energy in any room that is truly mesmerizing to me.

Do you have a cheat meal?

Talent you’d like to have?
I would love to be able to sing. Music is so important to me, I listen to it constantly and just like for so many people it inspired me when I work.

Quality that you want to be remembered by?
I consider myself to be a very loyal person, so I truly hope that people remember me for that quality.

Best thing about New York?
Central Park

What does Considered Luxury mean to you?
Considered Luxury to me is the future of fashion. I believe that we are all coming to a realization where less is more, and where the term luxury does not necessarily mean unapproachable. We are becoming more mindful about what we shop for and less impulsive, gradually gravitating to the idea of investment pieces, classics aesthetic and most of all, a more sustainable side of fashion.