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Michael Ward and Manel Garcia Espejo

Our Curriculum Vitae Q&A with partners Michael Ward and Manel Garcia Espejo of TheSalting. A Unisex brand that equally combines the raw and the refined with a holistic approach to design.

Astrological sign?
Michael: Aquarius

Manel: Libra

Lucky number?
Michael: 3

Manel: 8

Favorite color?
Michael: Any soft blue

Manel: Crimson

Morning, Noon, or Night?
Michael: Night

Manel: Morning

Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner?

Green Tea, Black Tea, or Herbal Tea?
Green Tea!!

Sugar, Splenda, or Stevia?

Red, White, or Rosé?
Yes please

Spicy, Salty, or Sweet?
100% salty

Cashmere, Silk, or Linen?
Linen: tumbled and salted.

Black, White, or Color?
Feeling all of it lately…

What’s your favorite room in your home?
Our living room.

What do you collect?
Books. Old school.

Sunday ritual?
Family time with our niece. We will do just about anything she asks!

Favorite flower?

Favorite scent?
We are fans of Arquiste/Carlos Huber.

Favorite place to escape to when you need a moment of respite?

Talent you’d like to have?
Do you consider patience a talent?

Quality you want to be remembered by?

It’s hard not to be reminiscent of the past, and distracted by the future. How do you strive to live in the moment?
All energies are important. We keep our focus on doing one thing at a time and doing it as well as we possibly can.

What does Considered Luxury mean to you?
Achieving contentment

What was the inspiration behind starting your brand?
A craving for something new and a desire to find our own path and voice in an ever-changing industry we both happen to love.

Give three words that describe your brand?
Inclusive, quiet luxury.