Mystic Moon

New Year. New Decade. New Day. New Moon

Harness your personal power during the first full moon of the decade.

We’ve stepped into the new year, wide open to future possibilities. This evening brings us the first full moon of the New Day, New Decade. With the Full Moon in Cancer, the sign ruled by the moon, we’ll be dealing with matters of our emotions, comfort zones, and what makes us feel nurtured — and given the added energy of eclipse.

It’s time to let go. Let go of the weight of self-doubt, unnecessary fear, and outworn beliefs that have been holding us back from our highest potentials. As we continue with diligence and pragmatism, we can also feel the softness of our hearts and the purity of our intentions. We can forgive ourselves as we rally the courage to build the lives and worlds we want to inhabit.

Leverage this mystic moon for personal growth, take time to practice self care rituals with intention and enjoy all of the power this full moon lunar eclipse has to offer.

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