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Self-Care picks from our Wellbeing Editor, Jamie Rosen

When You Want Your Relaxation Time To Really Count, Choose Therapeutic Bath Brews, Reinvigorated Hair Rituals And A Science-Backed Way To Chill.

Taza Ayurveda Nourish Eladi Body Oil 

Centuries-old traditions created to restore a sense of balance and harmony have never been more needed than now. Taza has culled plants and herbs with multipurpose benefits to create an all over body oil that is nourishing and beneficial for all, even babies and children. Adaptogenic pearl powder contains 30 trace minerals to even and brighten, while antioxidant-rich cedar wood, cardamom and musk root fortify the skin. We love applying this on wet skin right after the bath.

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Hellen Bath Brews Shoot Into The Stars Bath Brew

Former fashion exec and wellness practitioner Hellen Yuan started making her own blends of oils, flowers, salts, and crystals to “brew herself back to life” while on her own healing journey. This balancing bath was chosen to lift away from fear and towards love: jasmine and eucalyptus-scented Atlantic, Epsom and Dead Sea salts are paired with a hunk of citrine, smoky quartz and orange calcite to purify and elevate the spirit and the soul.

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Provision Dream Extract Room & Linen Spray

Not all sweet dreams begin with lavender. Provision founder and fragrance industry veteran Sherri Sebastian was in Belize when she met a healer who told her to put clary sage on her pillow at night for colorful, vivid dreams. She sourced an eco-certified, organic and sustainable French clary sage and blended it with Italian bergamot and amber to create a lush, inviting scent meant to be spritzed before bed or anytime you want to set an inviting mood.

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Crown Affair The Brush No. 001

Somewhere beachy waves and dry shampoo, the hair brush got a bad rep. But it’s a beauty ritual that should’ve never fallen out of fashion. Thanks to Crown Affair, the brush is back. Its new deep wood design, which is meant for all textures, utilizes an ingenious combination of short boar bristles to distribute the oils on your scalp evenly throughout the hair, and long nylon bristles to stimulate the scalp and follicles, keeping your hair healthy while also giving a little lift at the crown.

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