New Year, Less Plastic

Find what you love. Use what you have. Refill. Repeat.

L:A Bruket

The Swedish natural and organic line L:A Bruket blends powerful and local marine ingredients like seaweed and salts with modern design and eco-friendly refill systems. Its candles are no exception: They come in tinted amber glass vessels and can be burned all the way down. Once you’re done, you can purchase an organic soy wax pillar to slip right in and start all over again.

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La Bouche Rouge

La Bouche Rouge avoids all plastics, even recycled plastics, in its chic line of makeup. Its alternative offering is far more covetable: stainless steel and leather cases available in tan, black, baby blue, pale pink, or red, each one ready to be filled with a 100% vegan and 100% wearable shade of lipstick.

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Veronique Gabai

Beauty industry veteran and founder Veronique Gabai is a conservation realist, transparently sharing what she is and is not able to accomplish in the world of sustainable fragrance. What has come so far is impressive: her raw ingredients are ethically sourced and 98 percent traceable; the perfume oils she uses are biodegradable up to 90 percent. Plus every bottle of perfume, even the travel size, is completely refillable.

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