Oh What A Year

Well, no one can say 2022 was “un-EVENT FULL…”

Well, no one can say 2022 was “un-EVENT FULL…”

In February, we (finally) opened our beautiful new gallery “On Two” with an opening party—on the eve of an epic Dallas ice storm…

and hosted a series of lunches with our favorite designers, including Adam Lippes and Sally Lapointe.

In April, I had the honor of chairing the 60th Anniversary of the Art Ball for the Dallas Museum of Art (three years in the making after being canceled twice during COVID), raising $1.75 million for this important cultural institution. I am grateful for the incredible support I received, including the designers Tabitha Simmons of Tanner Krolle, Brandon Maxwell and Jeremy Scott that came to be part of a magical champagne-fueled weekend.

On 11/11, we “Let Loose” with artist Ashley Longshore and special guests Dee and Tommy Hilfiger, Stephen Webster and Corbin Chamberlin for pizza, more champagne, and a playlist that is still stuck in our heads (you can download it here). It was a perfect night until the police shut us down a bit earlier than planned (It happens).

A week later, we celebrated our newest gallery in River Oaks District with a party that (literally) will be known as the Night The Lights Went Out In…Houston.

What I learned is this…

Nothing ever goes exactly as planned. Nothing is ever perfect. But champagne always makes it okay.

You can never have enough candles and good lighting.

Everyone loves pizza. And French fries.

Flowers should be one color.

A good DJ makes everyone smile.

Good energy is contagious.

And with that…

Goodbye 2022. Hello 2023. Nice to meet you.

With Gratitude,

Brian Bolke

Brian Bolke, Founder