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Rachel Cobb

We sat down with photojournalist Rachel Cobb, and her dog, in her warm and eclectic NYC home for our Curriculum Vitae Q&A and to talk about her book, Mistral.

Mistral, an experiential installation by Rachel Cobb is currently on display at our Hudson Yards gallery. Experience the legendary winds of the South of France – a work that resonates with the intensity of the forces it seeks to capture.

Astrological sign?

Lucky number?
I don’t know if I have one. Nine? Maybe.

Favorite Color?

Morning, Noon, or Night?

Uptown, Midtown or Downtown?
Definitely Downtown

Oscars, Tonys or Grammys?
Probably Oscars?

Met, MOMA or Movies?

Football, Baseball, or Basketball?
I’m a fair weather fan, so it doesn’t really matter as long as it’s the end of the season and we’re winning.

Green Tea, Black Tea, or Herbal Tea?

Sugar, Splenda, or Stevia?
Definitely sugar

Red, White, or Rose?
All of the above.

Sandwich, Soup, or Salad?
Salad maybe?

Black, white or color?

Is your closet messy or neat?
Very messy

What’s your favorite room?

What do you collect?
Photographs, cameras, what else do I collect? Rocks. I’ve always loved rocks.

Dream dinner guest?
I’d like to say anybody but Donald Trump. Dead person, I’d invite Winston Churchill. Alive, probably Obama. I just want to see what he has to say about the current situation. And he could bring Michelle but that wasn’t part of the question.

Sunday ritual?
I don’t, but I wish I did. Occasionally I get a pedicure.

Favorite flower?
Gardenia, for the scent. I like Dalias a lot too. And Ranunculus.

Cheat meal?
Potato chips.

Talent you’d like to have?
I wish I could draw. And I also wish I could do woodworking. Which I think is a very noble profession. Yeah, it’s useful. I’ve always admired woodworkers.

Quality you want to be remembered by?

Best thing about New York?
Walking. No question about that.

What does Considered Luxury mean to you?
Let’s see, luxury… I’m not sure. I think simplicity is luxury. No clutter. A simple life.