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Ryuhei Daimaru

Our Curriculum Vitae Q&A with the designer of Overcoat. Ryuhei Daimaru was walking around the streets of New York and noticed the awning material that is often used as the eaves of the storefront. Graphical prints of various typefaces also symbolize the diversity of the city. Why don't you try wearing this material that is resistant to rain and wind as a coat? The idea led to the launch of the brand.

Astrological sign?

Favorite color?

Morning, Noon, or Night?

Green Tea, Black Tea, or Herbal Tea?
Green Tea

Red, White, or Rosé?

Spicy, Salty, or Sweet?

Sandwich, Soup, or Salad?

Cashmere, Silk, or Linen?
Merino Wool

Black, White, or Color?

What’s your favorite room in your home?

Dream dinner guest?
Madeleine Vionnet

Sunday Ritual?
Playing shogi (Japanese chess) walking and cooking.

Favorite flower?
Trees over flowers

Favorite scent?
The scent of trees like Hiba and Hinoki, reminds me of my grandfather’s woodshop in Fukuoka, Japan.

Favorite place to escape to when you need a moment of respite?
The sitting area in a corner deli supermarket.

Talent you’d like to have?
Seeing the world through unjaded eyes.

Quality you want to be remembered by?
A person who isn’t afraid of making mistakes.

Best thing about where you are from?
My hometown Fukuoka in Japan is very local and you can see a lot of historical culture and traditions, like the usage of slangs, remains of castles, and our favorite event in the summertime matsuris. (Japanese festivals)

It’s hard not to be reminiscent of the past, and distracted by the future. How do you strive to live in the moment?
I just think of myself as a part of nature.

What does Considered Luxury mean to you?
The art of human craft and the ability to explore ideas through trial and error.

What was the inspiration behind starting your brand?
I started making coats out of canvas and vinyl awnings, inspired by the storefront canopies during my long walks through Manhattan.

Give three words that describe your brand?
New York, Japanese, Pattern-making.