Scent Trail

Perfumes that linger, and wicks to make a lasting impression.

A warm, toasty home may be associated with a crackling fireplace and spiced cider, but we’d like to make the case for santal and tonka as the heart of cozy season. These woody, creamy scents can be inhaled on cashmere-covered necks and chic hotel lobbies the world over, but their latest incarnations play with a freshness that is new to the milky chic shorthand. 

Marie Jeanne Vetiver Santal brings grassy, earthy Haitian vetiver to warm sandalwood from New Caledonia for a fresh take on comforting notes.

Ex Nihilo Santal Calling gives a distinctive urban feel to the woodsy Australian Sandalwood Album, perfect for a chilly night in Paris, with a scent that disperses nutmeg, iris and vanilla as it is bolstered by its heated base. 

The Harmonist Royal Earth presents a mystical yet grounded vibe thanks to its mix of noble Tuscan iris pallida, tonka bean, and sandalwood.

Maison d’Etto Macanudo cuts through the heaviness of winter scents with its hay and vetiver-forward presentation, anchored by tonka bean. 

The Maker candles create a sense of character with the flick of a match. Its Writer candles evokes dreams written, rough-edged paper, and crisp fire thanks to notes of creamy fig, sandalwood, silky ink and dreamy cotton. 

The Wedgewood-blue of the Amoln candles are their own soothing visual. Its Sleepless scent goes further with Canary Island lavender and tonka and amber.

And L’Objet’s matches add an act of ceremony to every lighting—and gift.

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