Scents That Get Better With Heat

The Summer Fragrance Guide

D.S. + Durga Debaser

The warmth of your skin and the temperatures outside intensify the smell of many perfumes, including this creamy, ripe fig rounded out with coconut and dry, blond woods.

Sana Jardin Savage Jasmine

It’s impossible not to inhale the scent of wild, heady jasmine deepened by clove, tobacco and musk.

The Harmonist Sun Force

IT’s like the scent of a blazing sun touching the sand when the clock strikes noon. This smells like a vibrant heat that becomes stronger as saffron, sandalwood and incense sink into your sink.

Liis Floating

Notes of peach, bergamot, wild orchid, crisp linen, and sequoia wood — a fresh start to the season.

Roads Fool Around

A fragrance based on the exhilarating connection of people when senses are heightened and the world comes alive. Made to inspire you to live for the moment and let yourself go.⁠

Henry Rose Fog

Grounded in base notes of vetiver, sandalwood and musk but lifted with fresh citrus for a crisp yet warm scent.