Spot On: New This Year, Beloved For Longer

The 5 skin and scent launches with staying power.

Costa Brazil Aroma

You know a fragrance has broken through when it becomes identifiable at first whiff and without a bottle in sight. Aroma has quickly reached that sniffable status among perfume lovers while retaining an under-the-radar cool, thanks to its sticky rich resin scent. The ingeniously designed refillable wood cube encourages a liberal application. 

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Le Prunier Plumscreen SPF 30+

Sunscreen for people—and picky facialists—who hate sunscreen, this breakthrough SPF has none of the white cast and tough-to-rub-in quality that makes regular application a drag. Instead, this rich, creamy, plum-scented cream feels luxe and protective, an exceedingly rare duo. 

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Santa Maria Novella L’iris Eau de Parfum

An entirely fresh creation that feels like it’s been around for centuries, L’Iris is the first new perfume by Santa Maria Novella after 800 (!!!) years of activity. Florence’s emblematic flower also happens to be among the rarest and most expensive in perfumery, with a smell that is entirely unique: at once rooted and powdery, soft and hypnotic, of-the-moment and timeless.

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Veronique Gabai Aroma Soul Eau de Parfum

Fragrance is not mere adornment but a functional tool that can have a measurable impact on our mental state. The entire Aroma collection takes the principles of mood-altering aromatherapy and the structure of perfume to create a hybrid Gabai calls “perfume therapy.” Soul in particular is meant for both grounding and elevation, thanks to notes of elemi, cedarwood, lavender and olibanum.

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Leverden Amethyst Ki Bath Soak

This salt bath comes in a marbled canvas pouch and turns your bath water a jewel-toned purple hue, but it is the Bamboo Forest scent that cements its rise. The aroma, which perfumes the whole range, feels like an olfactory interpretation of the ground meeting the air in a vertical landscape of trees, with its earthy and light combination of sage, sweet fir balsam and oakmoss. 

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