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Teddy Von Ranson

Curriculum Vitae Q&A

Lucky number?
TVR: 77

Favorite Color?
TVR: Blue 

Morning, Noon, or Night? 
TVR: Night

Uptown, Midtown or Downtown? 
TVR: Downtown

Oscars, Tonys or Grammys? 
TVR: Oscars

Met, MOMA or Movies? 
TVR: Met

Football, Baseball, or Basketball? 
TVR: Neither – ballet!

Green Tea, Black Tea, or Herbal Tea?
TVR: Green tea 

Sugar, Splenda, or Stevia? 
TVR: Stevia

Red, White, or Rose? 
TVR: Rose

Spicy, Salty, or Sweet? 
TVR: Salty

Black, white or color? 
TVR: Color! 

Is your closet messy or neat?
TVR: Depends if you ask me, the housekeeper, or Joel!

What’s your favorite room? 
TVR: Bathroom – guilty pleasure is a long hot soak with extra bubbles and a cold glass of rose. 

What do you collect? 
TVR: I collect memories… there’s always enough room to add more!


Dream dinner guest?
TVR: I always have the same initial response to questions like this … it’s always my mother… I lost her when I was 19 and we are long overdue for a catch up. 

Sunday ritual? 
TVR: Sunday nights are always a long, hot bath followed by light TV in bed. 

Favorite flower? 
TVR: Anything white – I love all white flowers which is interesting since I have an affinity for color….

Cheat meal?
TVR: Carrot cake 

What is your favorite gift you have ever given?
TVR: For me the best gifts come from the heart. One of my favorites was a pastel painting I made for my husband. I hadn’t drawn like that in years, but one weekend I set myself up with pastels at the table and the work flowed from me. I recreated the landscape where he proposed to me in France a few years prior.


What is your favorite holiday tradition or celebration you participate in?
TVR: My favorite has to be decorating the house and the Christmas tree. I like it big and over the top … I mean Bergdorf holiday windows type decorations around the house over the top! I put as many lights and decorations as possible until the branches start to sag… once the tree is done I move to garlands that are equally over the top!

Talent you’d like to have? 
TVR: To be able to stand on my head.

Quality you want to be remembered by? 
TVR: I want people to remember me as a no-limit guy!

Best thing about New York?
TVR: The people! 

What does Considered Luxury mean to you?
TVR: Considered luxury means being thoughtful in not only purchasing but creating luxury products, sensitivity to sustainability, and ethical practices.