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Thakoon Panichgul

Our Curriculum Vitae Q&A with the designer of Thakoon. Thakoon Panichgul makes simple, well-designed clothes that transcend seasons. Thakoon is made for those who believe good fashion shouldn't be so hard.

Astrological sign?

Lucky number?

Favorite color?

Morning, Noon, or Night?

Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner?

Football, Baseball, or Basketball?

Green Tea, Black Tea, or Herbal Tea?

Sugar, Splenda, or Stevia?
Sugar all the way

Red, White, or Rosé?
All of the above

Spicy, Salty, or Sweet?
All of the above – I’m Thai

Sandwich, Soup, or Salad?

Cashmere, Silk, or Linen?

Black, White, or Color?

Is your closet messy or neat?
Organized chaos. I have unfolded clothes tucked neatly away.

What’s your favorite room in your home?
My living room because of my book shelves.

What do you collect?
Books and magazines.

Dream dinner guest?
Madonna 10 years ago maybe.

Sunday ritual?
Coffee, bacon or french toast, walk the dog, light shopping in Soho.

Favorite flower?

Favorite scent?
Anything with oude.

Cheat meal?
General Tso’s chicken.

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Favorite place to escape to when you need a moment of respite?
Anywhere along the Mediterranean.

Talent you’d like to have?
Would love to be able to sing really well.

Quality you want to be remembered by?
Being a nice person.

Best thing about where you are from?
It’s where I got my nice manners 🙂

It’s hard not to be reminiscent of the past, and distracted by the future. How do you strive to live in the moment?
I really don’t dwell on the past that much, I’m really a present person. At the same time I’m always interested in what’s next too as as I always want to try new things personally and professionally.

What does Considered Luxury mean to you?
When a brand not only considers the quality, but the way that they consider every touch point for the customer. The ultimate hostess.

What was the inspiration behind starting your brand?
The qualities that I think every woman can relate to. For me, it’s always about a breath of freshness.

Give three words that describe your brand?
Simple, chic, feminine.