The Art of Intention Setting

The friendly witches at Sage & Salt guide us through harnessing energy to effect change using some of our favorite products.

“The art of intention setting harnesses a powerful energetic force to help breathe life into your goals, hopes, and dreams.”

– Sage & Salt

Intention setting simply requires a clear vision of your future – what you intend to achieve, and a steadfast understanding of what your measure of success is. It is incredibly personal, and acts as a helping hand to amplify your own hard work. Utilizing magical tools like Sage & Salt Smokeless Smudge and Manifestation Candles is a way to boost your energetic signal in the universe. When paired with naturally occurring astrological events, you’re able to capture immense power and create major change.

To deploy the power of Sage & Salt Smokeless Smudge Spray as a part of intention setting…

As you prepare to set intentions for the day (because we always recommend renewing your resolve on the daily) spritz Smokeless Smudge to cleanse your space of any external negativity that has seeped inside, and to clear away internal doubts. Energy is affected by a plethora of external and internal factors, so starting with a fresh slate is key to setting your intention in stone. Deeply breathe in air that has been bathed in sacred Palo Santo and blessed sage – then conjure away.

To implore the universe for her good will and speedy action with Sage & Salt Manifestation Candles

Depending on your focus, Manifestation Candles magnify intention and keep their light burning in the universe. Consider them a power pack for keeping the magic alive. From protection to money manifestation, each candle is crafted by hand and blessed with powerful manifestation magic. As a part of your intention setting ritual, light the flame of intention (literally!) and allow to burn consistently. Witch tip: always snuff, never blow out candles!