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The Right to Reflect

As the year and the decade comes to a close, make the time to look back on the year that was. Here, a few ways to create a moment of tranquility at home.

Nature of Things Restorative Floral Bath

Immerse yourself in a milky, moisturizing bath powered by energy-clearing gemstones malachite and quartz and soothing broad-spectrum hemp extract. 

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Costa Brazil Resine de Breu

Engage in a centuries-old ritual used to balance the body and the spirit: Ignite tree resin from the Brazilian jungle. Watch at plume of fragrant smoke rise, and let the sticky, smoky scent purify your senses.

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Talisman Objects Smoky Quartz Point

Let go of the less than favorable events of the past year with smoky quartz, an ideal stone to clear negativity and reinforce grounding and emotionally balanced energy.

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House of Waris Sweet Clarity Tea

Sip in energizing, uplifting herbal tea made with tulsi, ginger root, rhodiola and eleuthero.

Sweet Clarity Tea // Shop Now

Less Moroccan Washing Clay

Create a impactful moment in the mundane by using ghassoul, spa-quality clay, from Morocco’s Atlas Mountains to wash your face, gently absorb dirt and oil and leaving skin soft and clean.

Moroccan Washing Clay // Shop Now