It’s not all cupcakes and cotton candy. Get into the sultry side of this sexy plant.

RBOW, Ooooof Candle

When we think of vanilla, a super sigary scent may come to mind.

Fueguia 1833, La Cautiva

But the vanilla plant, commonly grown in Madagascar and Tahiti, gets its most fragrant ingredient from hand-harvesting orchid flowers to grow a pod filled with seeds, otherwise knows as vanilla beans.

D.S. & Durga, Deep Dark Vanilla

Rather than simply sweet, vanilla is a complex aroma with floral, sticky, smooth, rich notes.

Byredo, Safran Candle

It can deepen or enhance and amplify spicy notes from saffron and black pepper, as it does here.

Ex Nihilo, Sweet Morphine

Or it can give a comforting heart to big flowers, as it does in this lush bouquet.

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