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Veronique Gabai

Curriculum Vitae Q&A with the founder behind her namesake Wellbeing + Beauty line.

Astrological sign?
Sagittarius, rising Libra, moon sign Leo.

Lucky number?
Five. On the other side of the Mediterranean, five is protection. Hamsa.

Favorite color?
I love neutrals and then once in a while I love a splash of color but really intense. Intense blue, all the blues in the world. Intense pink. Intense yellow. I love the intensity of color but usually I live in neutral environments.

Morning, noon, or night?
Anytime with good people.

Uptown, midtown, or downtown?
I live uptown, I have my fun downtown.

Oscars, Tonys, or Grammys?

Met, MoMA, or movies?

Football, baseball, or basketball?
I know none of them. Soccer.

Green tea, black tea, or herbal tea?

Sugar, Splenda, or Stevia?

Red, white, or rosé?
I can’t choose, I’m French!

Spicy, salty, or sweet?

Sandwich, soup, or salad?

For your wardrobe, black, white or color?
Usually black. Today I made an effort, I went for a nude pink.

Is your closet messy or neat?
It’s usually neat but there’s always one drawer that nobody has access to because it’s really messy.

What is your favorite room?
Usually outdoors. In the winter, the living room.

What do you collect?
I love art in many forms, so I love paintings, I love photography, I love ceramics, and I love glassware.

Who is your dream dinner guest?
The more, the merrier. Let’s have a party.

Do you have a Sunday ritual?
I love to walk, so I do a few miles of walking on Sunday. And then have a coffee and look at the park. That’s what I love to do.

Favorite flower?
I like flowers in season. February, mimosa. Lavender in the summer. But roses, for sure.

Do you have a cheat meal?
Yes, it’s pasta.

Talent you’d like to have?
I wish I could be a little bit more athletic. I’m really not good at sports. I’ve never been. I can’t run for the life of me.

Quality that you want to be remembered by?
Hopefully generosity.

Best thing about New York?
Diversity. Diversity brings energy. I fell in love with New York because of that.

What does Considered Luxury mean to you?
This is what it feels like to me: to me it feels like doing beautiful things that will make your life easier, that will enhance your daily life, but that will leave the world a better place.

It’s hard not to be anxious about the future and reminiscent of the past. In what ways do you strive to live in the moment?
I will quote Montaigne. When I eat an apple, I eat an apple. Be in it.