What Brings You Joy?

The Curriculum Vol. XIX

Let me state the obvious. The holidays can be tough. 

But as I began thinking about what the holidays mean to me, I always came back to one thing…

Capturing joy.

While “things” can certainly bring joy, I always find true joy is in the people we surround ourselves with. The people that come into our life and brighten in it. The people with “joie de vivre”.

“Joie de Vivre” (or the Joy of Living) is a a French phrase often used to express a cheerful enjoyment of life, an exultation of spirit.

This season, I am celebrating the people that embody Joie de Vivre. These are the people that always bring light to those around them. What I love is that each one is so different. 

Joy doesn’t have to be loud, or hit you over the head. Joy can just be the person that always listens, or smiles when they see you, or is up for a good time…any time. Joy can be the person that always dresses up…even for themselves. Or the person that just wants to make the world more beautiful.

I have asked them all the same question:

At the holidays, what brings you joy?

Their answers just might surprise you.

And what is my answer?

In a year that has been anything but normal, I am most looking forward to a little downtime, a lot of laughter with friends, and simply enjoying the moment…whatever it is. And for sure counting my blessings.

With Gratitude,

Brian Bolke

Brian Bolke, Founder

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