What’s Next for Augustinus Bader

How one cult cream has become an essential brand, and the post-sun routine recommended by The Conservatory.

Augustinus Bader the brand was born four years ago, the result of its namesake professor’s work as a pioneering force in stem cell biology focused on skin healing and tissue repair. Thankfully its initial launch, a luxe Cream that won over everyone from Hollywood icons to editors and makeup artists, is now accompanied by a suite of products to build a full regimen, from cleansers to hand care and lips to hair. Each one contains TFC8, a patented complex of natural amino acids, high-grade vitamins and synthesized molecules naturally found in skin. The goal is to train skin for the long term so it looks and feels healthier, firmer, stronger and more even.

This summer, we recommend the following regimen for proper cleansing, intense repair and body-loving moisture: Begin with the Cleansing Balm to remove stubborn SPF at the end of the day. Apply and massage on dry skin before rinsing with cool water that leaves skin completely clean and soft. Follow it with the Essence to replenish moisture lost from the sun, then dench your skin in a pump or two of the Serum for a concentrated dose of repairing ingredients on the face, and give love to every inch of your skin with the Body Cream for overall nourishment.

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