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World of De La Mano

Get to know the graceful guild of designers that comprise De La Mano.

De La Mano is a guild of Latin American, like-minded brands that have joined together to lift each other through shared values, collaboration and innovation.

As explorers and artists, De La Mano’s work is animated by the traditions, colors, and spirit that they find throughout Latin America. They believe in sharing, trusting, and creating a community within their own industry. Each of the brands strives to develop products sustainably, mindfully and ethically – “de la mano” or
hand-in-hand with their artisans.

De La Mano is driven by the idea that we are stronger together; sharing this positive message by raising voices to support a new generation of consciously crafted Latin-American design that preserves heritage and artisanal traditions.

Monica Sordo


New York has had a strong influence on Monica’s work; like Manhattan’s Art Déco architecture, her creations have a touch of eclecticism, they are a balanced mélange of experiences and visual codes. From her native Caracas, she takes away a renewed love for the modernist aesthetic, as well as an appreciation for the landscapes, smells and overall identity of her youth; both influences help turn her creations in a more biomorphic direction, in works that exist somewhere between sculpture and collectable pieces.

“My soul flows as memories travel South to the heartland, nourished by a tangible and ever changing discovery of a region gifted with abundant heritage, crafts and traditions and working alongside artisans whose skills shape the core of our creative existence.” – Monica Sordo, Founder

Andrea Gomez


Andrea Gomez launched her footwear collection with a deliberate, twofold mission. First, a desire to create a refined, versatile wardrobe of shoes, while striking a balance between trend and true, lasting style. Second, a wish to provide essential resources to children in need from her native Venezuela.

Her collection is driven by three points of reference: The femininity of Latin women, the style and attitude of New York and the incomparable quality of traditional European craftsmanship.

“The opportunity to partner with The Conservatory is inspiring! The support that Brian Bolke and his team offer to small brands with like-minded values is exceptional and creates a very special, thoughtful shopping experience.” – Andrea Gomez, Founder



Weaving history and modernity, simplicity and elegance, Recreo San Miguel was originally inspired by the timeless versatility and silhouette of the iconic Latin American serape – the symbol of relaxed, comfortable and understated sophistication. Thoughtfully designed in New York and handmade by skilled artisans in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and around the world, the brand’s range of styles has grown, while staying true to the spirit that inspired Recreo’s founders in those early days.

“We are delighted that our first-ever pop up will be with The Conservatory. Working with Brian Bolke and his team, we feel as if we are two hands working together. With shared values and common purpose, we deeply value our partnership with The Conservatory.” – Lisa Coleman, Founder



VERDI is a Colombian Textile Studio that reinvents traditional techniques to weave unique home, fashion, and art pieces by intertwining natural fibers with contemporary materials. Having always maintained an inherently responsible production through their hand-made process and conscious approach to design, sustainability has always been at the heart of their studio.

“A VERDI bag is a small work of art to be carried on one’s shoulder; a timeless heirloom to be passed on through generations. At our studio, we drive our major inspiration from Colombia; its landscapes, culture, and biodiversity. We’re also bound to a legacy of both family and traditional Columbian craftsmanship that hand-weaves natural fibers such as plantain and silk with other noble materials such as copper and silver. Thus creating responsibly-made pieces that transcend time and are musts in any season.” – Tomás Vera, Founder and Creative Director