The Power of Positivity.

As The Conservatory enters its first fall season, we have become more singularly focused on discovery. While the customer is using digital channels to gather information, it becomes even more important to truly experience, in real life, what brings us joy. Does shopping still matter? YES!

The concept of YES came as a gift of a small painting of the simple word YES from my talented friend Ashley Longshore… and every day, by simply acknowledging it, it has become a daily affirmation… a token of optimism. 

This optimism started to be a thread I saw in the creatives I admire… many that find their home at The Conservatory. This season is about them and their contagious positivity. I want to thank Anna Sui, Marc Jacobs, Jeremy Scott, Selima Salaun, Michael Kors, Nick Wooster, and Ashley Longshore for letting us into their lives… and the talented writer Lynn Yaeger (this year’s winner of the CFDA Media Award in Honor of Eugenia Sheppard) for her insight on just saying YES.  

These are the people that make our world brighter, wittier, happier, and for sure more beautiful.

What do I say “yes” to this fall? Anything plaid, everything authentic, and anyone playing nicely in the sandbox with others. 

With gratitude, 

Brian Bolke