Frederic Fekkai + Shirin Von Wulffen

Curriculum Vitae Q&A

Astrological sign? 
FF: Scorpio
SVW: Taurus 

Lucky number? 
FF: 14
SVW: 13

Favorite Color: 
FF + SVW: Blue

Morning, noon or night?
FF + SVW: Morning

Uptown, Midtown or Downtown? 
FF + SVW: Downtown

Oscars, Tonys or Grammys?
SVW: Grammys
FF: Oscars

Met, MoMA, or movies?
FF + SVW: Movies

Football, Baseball, or Basketball?
SVW: Basketball
FF: Soccer

Green Tea, Black Tea, or Herbal Tea?
SVW: Herbal
FF: Mushroom Tea

Spicy, Salty, or Sweet? 
SVW: Spicy
FF: Sweet

Sandwich, Soup, or Salad? 
SVW: Salad
FF: Soup

Wardrobe – black, white or color?
FF: Black
SVW: White

Is your closet messy or neat?
SVW: Messy. 
FF: Messy. 
SVW: Neat. No, oh my God you’re so neat. 
FF: Okay neat.

What’s your favorite room in your house? 
FF: I love the kitchen. In Provence our kitchen’s great there’s a fireplace. So we spend a lot of time there. And here I think the favorite place is I think it’s the office. 

SVW: I think in Provence I love our terrace, because it’s kind of indoor outdoor. I love natural light so I think that’s my favorite place. And then here it’s also my office that overlooks the Carlisle, so it has a ton of light in it. Tiny and it’s packed with boxes, it’s like the junk room of the house but it’s kind of my space where I can close the door. I do my work. So I think it’s my office. 

Favorite flower?
FF: Peonies
SVW: Anemones and Magnolia flowers