As we celebrate the five year anniversary of The Conservatory, what comes to mind is “green”. And it’s not about the color (although it is a favorite, and emeralds are my birthstone).

When this journey started, as a seed of an idea, what mattered most to me was how to move retail forward with a focus on sustainability. Reducing waste through purchasing smarter. Ending the endless cycle of “free shipping and free returns”. The carbon footprint of those “free” returns would take your breath away. 

I wanted our customers to care more because we do too. By supporting brands with best practices, no matter where they are from. Brands that want the earth to be a better place. We intensely “consider” everything we carry to assure you (and us) that we are doing our part.

What you buy should bring joy, but also feel good to consume. Ask questions like “Will I wear this until it wears out?”  “Where did this come from and how did it get here?” And always “Who made this?”

Let’s not only question the shade of green…mint to celadon to grass to forest…but how green is it really?

Because every day should be Earth Day…

With Gratitude,

Brian Bolke

Brian Bolke, Founder

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