Time. Loyalty. Longevity.

Celebrating 5 years of The Conservatory.

We are filled with gratitude to celebrate 5 years of The Conservatory. Through changing storefronts, a pandemic, and a world that is much different than when we started, we have stayed true to becoming a destination for discovery, and remained committed to our special brand of considered luxury.

At five years, wood is the traditional anniversary gift. It is said to represent strength, wisdom, and deep roots. Quite fitting as we reflect on the roots of our foundation, and where our branches have reached. “When this journey started, as a seed of an idea, what mattered most to me was how to move retail forward with a focus on sustainability,” says our founder Brian Bolke. Our daily movements reflect our unwavering purpose, encouraging our customers to care through smarter, better purchases from brands who work towards making the Earth a better place to live.

On a beautiful Dallas evening we gathered with dear friends, brand partners and colleagues. The beautiful and highly personal art gallery at the home of Marguerite Hoffman provided a perfect start for cocktails and conversation, while enjoying Casa Dragones’ Spicy Ranch Waters, Kastra Elion Gimlets and caviar-topped potato chips. Guests were then led through the retreat-like landscape to a 42-foot long table under the loggia of the main house. Stories were shared over a southern-style family meal of fried chicken, cornbread and potato salad. Smiles stretched to make your cheeks hurt, the evening was quintessentially us: Joyful. Guests ended the evening in the main house with a final coupe of champagne and warm churros.

Thank you to our partner in The Conservatory, Marguerite Hoffman for opening her beautiful home and our special guest Alberta Ferretti for making the trip to Dallas. Sitting down to share a meal and memories keeps us moving forward and beyond appreciative.