More Than a Momento

Always carrying her favorite memories, Monica Rich Kosann has her own philosophy - and pendant - for living in the moment.

“It’s my adventure, my life. But if you wore it, it’s your life and your adventure.”

Monica Rich Kosann is donned in moments and memories. As a photographer, Kosann mastered the art of capturing the intimate nature of her subjects. Now as a jewelry designer, she uses fine craftsmanship to achieve the same goal. Her contemporary pieces are ones to cherish, like heirloom lockets and charm necklaces in timeless designs to last a lifetime. 

“It is sort of like a tattoo in the sense of it says something about you. I’m wearing my Dorothy charm, which says, “you had power all along, my dear.” And that to me, it’s like it works for when I need it and if you’re wearing it, you had power all along, it’s just when you decide to use it. I wear this charm bracelet every day. Every piece says something and has a story and everyone who has this, everyone has different charms and they mean different things.”

Turning obsessions into her life’s work, Monica’s fascination and love for personalized pieces comes from her love of history. “Back then, if you were a man you had a cigarette case and then in the back there was this little thing that you pressed and it popped open and inside was a picture of your mistress, crazy right?” Her popular Poesy rings are also inspired by history; maidens and knights in shining armor would exchange Poesy rings to show their love, and kingdoms to show their loyalty. Pocket watch keys inspired by pocket watch chains across a man’s vest, fob necklaces from wax fobs used to seal a letter.

Although always carrying her favorite memories, Monica Rich Kosann has her own philosophy – and pendant – for living in the moment. 

“One of my pendant necklaces is an art deco fish. It’s called perseverance. And the meaning behind it is that fish really mostly swim forward. So it’s all about moving forward. Don’t look back. I like to try to be in the moment. I try to sometimes sit there and go, you’re really lucky you get to do what you love to do. I’m always knocking on wood. That must come from the old country. I always like to stop and say, I’m so blessed.”