What Are You Getting Your Mom?

We have a few suggestions…

Rethink Flowers

A fresh bouquet is always welcome, but it’s nice to complement it with something a bit more long-lasting….starting with Nomad Noé’s soft, modern take on the rose.

Nomad Noé Elysian Rose Eau de Parfum

Bet On Blonde

Buying fragrance for someone can be tricky but….it’s hard not to fall for this approachable orange blossom scent, which the founder named after her two towheaded sons.

Sana Jardin Berber Blonde Eau de Parfum

Back To Nature

Vetiver is a grass prized for its dry, earthy scent. Here, it is paired with hay absolute, cut grass and wet grounded to evoke a refreshed yet grounded feeling.

Maison d’Etto Macanudo Eau de Parfum

Think Rare

Orris (iris) root is one of the most labor-intensive and pricey fragrance ingredients, in part because it is grown underground and dried for years before it’s turned into a perfume-ready material that is deep, complex and worth every inhale.

Abel Pink Iris Eau de Parfum

Make A Culinary Nod

While it’s long been prized in the food world, saffron has recently become buzzier in beauty, showing up in lattes, skincare and now, delicately spiced scents.

Nomad Noé Prophetic Saffron Eau de Parfum