Eva Fehren

Our Curriculum Vitae Q&A with mother, New Yorker, and designer of her eponymous jewelry line Eva Fehren.

Astrological sign?
Virgo (can’t you tell?)

Lucky number?
3 & 10

Favorite color?
Black, white, and all shades of pink.

Morning, Noon, or Night?

Uptown, Midtown, or Downtown?
Downtown Foreva

Oscars, Tonys, or Grammys?

Met, MOMA, or Movies?

Football, Baseball, or Basketball?
100% Basketball

Green Tea, Black Tea, or Herbal Tea?
Iced Green Tea

Sugar, Splenda, or Stevia?

Red, White, or Rosé?
Rosé all the way.

Spicy, Salty, or Sweet?

Sandwich, Soup, or Salad?
Currently salads, but I also love a sandwich.

Black, white or color?
My day to day consists of mostly black but I love wearing pink, white and graphic prints to events or special occasions.

Is your closet messy or neat?
Very Neat after reading The Life-Change Magic of Tidying Up

What’s your favorite room?
My Art Studio

What do you collect?
Stones, Books and great memories

Dream dinner guest?
I would have to say my husband Dimitri, but if we could have a group: Riccardo Tisci, Marina Abramović and Kate Bush.

Sunday ritual?
Meditate, exercise and snuggle on the couch with my husband and baby.

Favorite flower?
Peonies and Sweet Peas.

Cheat meal?

Talent you’d like to have?
Photographic memory.

Quality you want to be remembered by?
Being creative.

Best thing about New York?
New York is home.

What does Considered Luxury mean to you?
Knowing the extensive process through which we make our pieces, considered luxury is an appreciation for the time, energy, and creativity that goes into crafting an object.

Who is a woman in your life you are inspired by and why.
My mother, Edith. She is strong, intelligent, funny, beautiful, creative and brazenly independent.  She has always been my role model.

Favorite female singer to listen to when you need some motivation?
My go to these days is Billie Eilish and lately, Etta James if I’m feeling a little more nostalgic.

What are three words to describe your most fabulous female friend?
Generous, Witty, Loyal.

Name three things all women need in their life.
A network of strong female friends and mentors, compassion for yourself and others…..and diamonds, of course.

What does giving back mean to you and your brand?
Supporting causes and organizations that matter deeply to us, using our voice to spread positivity and beauty, mentoring young female designers and entrepreneurs, and giving gratitude to those who have helped me along the way.

What’s one thing you’ve learned in the last year?
The only constant is change, and listen to the universe…when it sends you a message, LISTEN.