Lucy Wrubel

Curriculum Vitae Q&A

Astrological Sign? 

LW: Gemini

Lucky Number: 

LW: 11

Favorite Color: 

LW: That’s impossible. Anything neon – neon is a neutral. 

Oscars, Tonys or Grammys: 

LW: I’m a DJ, I went to film school, I used to be a comedian… I like them all. I’ve had different seasons of my life where I would be one more than the other. 

Green Tea, Black Tea, or Herbal Tea: 

LW: Tea…quila!

Red, White, or Rosé: 

LW: Rosé

Spicy, Salty, or Sweet: 

LW: Salty

Sunday Ritual:

LW: Dog outside, coffee, New York Times, and usually the only quiet I get of the entire week for about an hour until my daughter Stella wakes up. 

Dream Dinner Guest:

LW: Dick Van Dyke. I used to claim that I was, well I used to pretend, that I was the president of the Dick Van Dyke fan club. Even though I wasn’t. 

What Do You Collect:

LW: Music, friends, memories… not in that order.