Say Yes To French Fries + Ice Cream

One can never have too many rituals, meet our resident Wellbeing Editor, Jamie Rosen.

Astrological sign? 
JR: Taurus. True to the sign.

Lucky number? 
JR: 42.  It’s a family lucky number. 

Morning, Noon, or Night? 
JR: Morning.

Uptown, Midtown or Downtown? 
JR: Downtown.

Red, White, or Rosé? 
JR: Rosé. Cliché.

Black, white or color? 
JR: All of the above.

Is your closet messy or neat? 
JR: It depends on the day.

What do you collect? 
JR: Cook books and fragrances. Top 5 fragrances right now? Aedes Copal Azur, Alguien Suena by Fueguia, Byredo, whatever the incense one is. Santa Maria Novella Jasmine and a cardamom fragrance by Olfactive Studio called Lumiere Blanche.

Dream dinner guest?
JR: Diana Vreeland.

Sunday ritual? 
JR: I have so many rituals. I try to do transcendental meditation, but it doesn’t always happen. I find cooking very meditative and healthy, for your mind. Walking really helpful for mental health too. But I have a lot of beauty rituals too that help, that are tied in. Dry brushing and lots of baths. The more rituals the better. 

Cheat meal?
JR: French fries and ice cream. But I have all this stuff all the time so it’s not really so bad. Mint chocolate chip is my go to but I also like ginger with chocolate sauce is like my fave.
Talent you’d like to have? 
JR: I’ve always wanted to play the piano. Speak a million languages.

You’re a mom, you’re hustling all the time. How do you keep it together?
JR: Just have time where I’m doing absolutely nothing. Then do it all again the next day. I have a friend who says she would sit and stare. Sometimes you just have to sit and stare and do nothing. 

Best thing about living in New York?
JR: The energy.